I believe there are no accidents in this world – there is a reason for everything. Even you being here on this site….

Over the years I have been called a gypsy as I have been fortunate enough to live in a lot of places and meet a lot of people. All of which have contributed in some way or another to who I am today. The times I found challenging and thought were terrible, were times I learned some amazing lessons. All choices have led me to where I am right now, my “innercompass” brought me to the life I’m leading right now. I have a fabulous husband, two wonderful sons, four amazing, healthy grandchildren; and that doesn’t even begin to mention the rest of my family & friends. The choices I have made felt right – one such choice was to accept a gift certificate from my youngest son to take a Reiki class. I didn’t even know what it was, yet, he had met the instructor and thought I might enjoy it. I took the class and felt like I was finally home! Learning Reiki and gradually advancing & practicing seemed so natural to me. That was 15 years ago.

I teach with my husband Mike. We have been married 24 years and find that when we teach together we are able to bring an unusual combination of yin/yang. Mike is originally from Alaska & is a “guy’s guy”. He flies airplanes, loves to be outdoors and his other job is helping people in the form of mortgage loans. While we are VERY different, we are also very similar in our passion for Reiki. Mike was my first test subject. He had 6 surgeries on his back due to a fall while working on a North Slope oil rig years previously. After I learned Reiki, he has had tremendous pain relief and is my biggest promoter.

If you take a class, taught by both of us, you get twice the experience and twice the perspective. Reiki can be learned by anyone and yet it is an individual practice. If you learn from both of us, we provide a down to earth style, that lets you develop your own style and trust your own intuition. Sharing Reiki together has been life changing for us both and can be for you too.

I don’t lead a “charmed life”…I lead a grateful life. That means when things don’t go my way, (which happens more than I want!), I am now able to stop and say “Thank You”. Learning and practicing Reiki has done that for me. I have learned to slow down and realize there is a lesson to be learned in every moment. It’s not by accident that you are here looking at my website. I invite you to contact me to schedule a session or to talk about taking a course.