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We hope you enjoy the following articles featured in Reiki News Magazine. They can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF format.

Winter 2017 Edition Clearing Clutter

Chellie discusses issues around clutter along with practical suggestions for letting it go

Fall 2017 Edition The Secret

Chellie discusses the help of Reiki in the aftermath of childhood trauma

Summer 2017 Edition  The Circle is Always Divinely Ordered

Chellie discusses the many Divinely Ordered Circles that have been a part of the Reiki Adventure she and Mike share

Winter 2016 Edition Getting Clear

Chellie discusses the importance of Reiki in her life


Fall 2016 Edition My Reiki Drumming Experience

Chellie talks about her introduction to Reiki Drumming

Summer 2016 Edition A Great Reiki Adventure

Mike talks about Reiki Adventures in Alaska

Spring 2016 Edition What was I Thinking?

Chellie’s story about how Reiki helped her to overcome her fears and trust that all would be well for a great Alaskan Adventure


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