Reiki Sessions

We have a variety of times available based on your current need. Each session is unique… just like you!

We will spend some time chatting. But know, the moment you walk into the office, we start the Reiki flowing to you. Many people walk in and say, It feels so good in here… That’s a product of all the Reiki!

The chatting is to give you a chance to get to know me. It’s much easier to relax, especially for something new to you, if you feel comfortable with your practitioner. It also gives me a sense of how the session will progress.

A Reiki session is done with you laying down on a massage table, fully clothed. I typically start at your head and move around your body, with a very light touch. Depending on what I notice is what determines how long each position is held. And depending on what’s going on with you, my hands may feel warm or cool or tingly. Each session is different.

Mike & Chellie both have several other modalities we can incorporate into the sessions but all are done within the safe container of Reiki. You are safe and supported during your entire appointment.

After the Reiki session we will spend a few moments discussing your experience. We might suggest some follow up “homework” or ideas that could continue to help you move forward. And you will leave feeling lighter, and better prepared for whatever step you take next.

If you have questions, we are happy to discuss them prior to your appointment. And the truth is no matter how much you read about this, there is nothing like a Reiki session to understand a Reiki session.

We offer these different types of sessions

Reiki Sessions

Reiki Journey Session

Sacred Union Reiki®

Fertility Sessions

Distance Reiki Sessions

Contact me if you have questions.

I invite you to schedule a session and enjoy the immediate benefits of a balanced state of being.


PLEASE NOTE: Our in person sessions are in Danville, CA or Lincoln City, OR.  If you are out of the area, consider scheduling a Distance Reiki Session.