Joint Reiki Sessions ~ Individuals & Couples

I love stories of how couples met. And even more than the story, I love the look in their eyes when they talk about that time. They seem to be transported back to a magical time, when anything was possible. And it was. Look at what they have braved to get to this time and space and they are still together.

Mike and I do Reiki on couples. We have a specific way of doing it that we call Sacred Union. This is still Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki, the only difference is that you are experiencing Reiki together.

We call it Sacred Union, because we believe every couple has their own connection that is Holy. Life often gets in the way of that connection which is why we started these joint sessions. Talking about how you met, what attracted you in the first place to each other, those memories tend to break down the walls that life and time build up.

We now offer 60 to 90-minute joint appointments, where together we perform a treatment. We have worked with couples who are having fertility issues and couples who are having relationship issues and couples who just would like to experience Reiki together. If you are interested in a joint session, please contact me to schedule an appointment. The yin/yang energy of a couple’s session is a great way to be connected to your partner.

Please call to schedule an appointment for these type of sessions.

Joint Session Fee: $450