Sound Healing Experiences

You can combine Reiki with every type of modality. I personally love crystal healing bowls. They are made of quartz and other crystals or earth elements.

When we play these bowls, we set them up across the room from each other. So, as we are playing them, the people who are receiving the healing are getting a stereo type of effect. It’s hard to tell where the actual sound is coming from because they vibrate off one another and around the entire space.

Sound healing, at its most basic form, is healing with the vibration of the sound. Entrainment happens when you are experiencing the bowl vibrations. Our bodies, when unhealthy, have a lower vibration than the music of the bowls. Yet, as we listen and absorb the higher vibrations of the crystal bowls our bodies are pulled up to the higher vibrations to a healthier vibration and state of being.

We do community healing sound baths in Danville and in Lincoln City. The combination of the sound healing, with Reiki and the community that occurs is almost impossible to explain. It really needs to be experienced.

We limit the class size because people prefer to lay down on a yoga mat to feel the vibration throughout their body and to support the intimacy of the experience for each participant.

We also offer private sound healing experiences in both Danville and Lincoln City. If you are interested in a private (up to 4 people) sound healing, please select the city you are interested in receiving an experience in and the calendar will show you our availability in this area.

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