I believe there are no accidents in this world – there is a reason for everything. Even you being here on this site….

There really are no coincidences ~ our lives are divinely guided. I learned Reiki over 18 years ago. It changed my perspective on the world and my life.

My husband Mike & I teach together and bring a unique yin/yang perspective to our classes. We have a great time … We aren’t serious people yet we are very serious about Reiki.

I learned Reiki to help my husband’s back and it did. What I didn’t know is how learning Reiki could help me in absolutely every area of my life. From parenting and relationships to overcoming personal difficulties and releasing anxiety and stress.

A huge challenge was being comfortable talking about being molested as a pre-teen by someone I knew and loved. I was able to give a presentation at the International Reiki Retreat discussing how Reiki helped me and how I overcame the Silence and the shame of a taboo topic.

I don’t believe learning Reiki has changed me. I believe learning Reiki has given me the ability to live with Gratitude. We all have an inner knowing, an InnerCompass. I’m still me. Accessing the knowing allows us to tap into our own power and lead us into our best lives. Contact me to talk about taking a course or schedule a session.