Crystal Trees

These beautiful crystal trees were envisioned by a young woman who grew up in the shadow of magnificent Mt Hood. There was an ancient Douglas Fir Tree on the farm and she would spend hours under the tree, talking to the tree about Life. She was given this design to create Crystal Reiki trees with the knowledge she was to create them and imbue them with Reiki. Now Mike is the proud creator of her original design. If you have specific requests he is happy to accommodate you.

The different colors represent the different “roots” and meanings. Please enjoy the wonder of Reiki and crystals and the rainbows they provide in your space.

We suggest you hang them in a window where the Crystal Tree will receive sunlight to send sparkling rainbows all over your room. However, many people hang them from ceilings or light fixtures. They are a beautiful addition to your Life ~ a way of staying connected to Nature and Mother Earth.

Some feel called by the color which represents the color of their birthstone. Others feel called by the metaphysical meanings. And even others… they just like the color.






Sapphire Blue





Metaphysical meanings….

Aqua – Multipurpose healing

Clear – purity, amplifications, intuitive clarification

Green – Balance, growth & calming

Lavender – Soothing, healing

Orange –activation, construction optimism, energy reserves

Pink – peacefulness, calming

Red – strengthening of the life force, will, stimulating

Sapphire – purifying, peace, faith, aspiration, creative expression

Violet – purification, transmutation, practical spirituality

Yellow – mental activity, intellectual power & ability, awakening

They are made with beautiful Austrian Glass Crystal and stainless steel wire, they are a wonderful addition to your home or as a gift.

Please note: not all sizes are available at all times. Stock limited to what we have on hand.

We will contact you if we have questions.


Small: $25
5” long, 1” wide at its base, adorned by a 20mm crystal ball

Medium: $45
6.5” long, 2” wide at the base, adorned by a 30mm crystal ball

Large: $80
14” long, 2.5” wide at its base, adorned by a 40mm crystal ball

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