Reiki Drumming™

Cultures from around the world have used drumming in their history, for healing, meditation, connection with the Divine.   Drumming affects the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, at the same time, and helps to bring harmony.

When combining Reiki with sound, the Divine wisdom that is inherent in the Reiki energy merges with the sound waves and creates a beautifully safe and sacred environment for healing to occur.

During our 2 day course, you will learn & experience:

  • Honoring the 7 sacred directions
  • A guided Reiki drum journey to find & reclaim your voice.
  • Group drumming.
  • Reiki drumming attunement.
  • A guided Reiki drum journey to welcome the Spirit of your own drum.
  • Reiki symbols and drum therapy.
  • How to give a complete Reiki drumming session on yourself or someone else.
  • Recoding unhealthy mental & emotional patterns.
  • Creating, affirming, & integrating positive change through sound.

There is absolutely no musical experience necessary!

The only prerequisite is Reiki I/II, all lineages welcome!

Class tuition is $495, which includes your very own drum!

Danville, CA

390 Diablo Rd. Suite 115, Danville, CA

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