Thank you for your interest in the Kid Reiki Teacher Training Program. We all know Reiki is amazing. It helps us with healing ourselves and those we love. It has the ability to help us deal with past situations and all those layers of life. But what if you could have skipped that step? Imagine what your life would be like if you hadn’t spent that time trying to get past some of the layers from the past.

That’s why we have been guided to create a program to teach adults about teaching Reiki to Kids. Imagine how amazing the world would be if as children we could have dealt with issues as they came up instead of burying them and allowing them to impact our lives.

April, Cami and I have been working with the energy of teaching adults to teach kids since 2021. We have varied backgrounds, which together enabled us to form a multi layered teaching style.

We have created a comprehensive Kid Reiki Teacher Training program for adults. To be fully able to teach Reiki to kids, this program also includes information about child development. And no pressure, but we feel strongly most of us have some areas of our own childhood we need to heal. So we have included experiences we have been guided to use to help you.

This is a three day live (online or in person) class, taught in the Holy Fire Style with experiences and ignitions.
Our Kid Reiki course is a Choose your own Adventure Reiki Class. We will give you a variety of exercises, and tools to use in your class. Of course, every Reiki class is a bit different, but teaching kids needs to be able to be tailored to your situation. We have several exercises and ideas for the time, as well as suggestions for class supplies. Even when you might shop for some of these. (hint: office supply sales are usually in January!) We have some game suggestions, depending on the weather.

We have been given a new symbol to share with you. It’s a way to connect your existing Reiki energy to the Kids Reiki energy. This is an enhancement to the Reiki energy you already have.

There will be one manual and four workbooks. One will be the Master manual. This will have information regarding child development and several experiences for the teacher’s own healing. The Master Teacher Reiki manual will also have several choices of activities for developmentally appropriate learning, a class outline and a downloadable certificate for your classes. An age appropriate kid’s and teen’s workbooks will also be included with places to draw or write notes, the history and other appropriate learning.

This class will be for any lineage of Reiki Master Teacher. Our next class is in New York at the pre-retreat for the Northeast Reiki Retreat. Online our classes are scheduled May 31-June 2nd. June 25-27 & August 2-4th.

More information is listed on our Kid Reiki website.

Here is the link to sign up for our classes.

Class sizes will be limited so please sign up to get the information.  Tuition is $1295.

Thanks again!

April, Cami, Chellie

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