Kid Reiki

The best gift for your children and your family is health and healing. Kid Reiki classes teach about Chakras, energy fields, Reiki history, how to calm themselves, heal themselves and others.

Kid Reiki – Choose your own adventure

In This Class, Students Will:

  • hear the story of Reiki, where it originated and how it works
  • learn how to connect with Universal Source Energy for greater peace, healing, and understanding.
  • learn how to do a self-treatment -how to do a treatment on others (they do learn this. However, the focus of the class is self-healing first, then helping others)
  • learn how to reiki animals and other living things
  • learn how to see or sense the energy field
  • learn how to clear and balance and strengthen their energy
  • learn how to clear the energy in their environment
  • receive the comprehensive Reiki Kids Manual
  • receive a Level 1 Reiki Placement
  • receive a Reiki certificate
  • have an Amazing time!

No experience necessary, just a willingness to explore and have fun!

Class Dates Coming Soon!

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