Mentor Follow Up Training

Where do you want to see yourself and Reiki in 6 months?

Are you ready to take your training to the next level?

Starting in August, Chellie will be leading an online Reiki training mentor program. During the 6 months of training, she will take you through the steps to develop your own business.

This combination of focusing on the Reiki ideals and practical business steps will help you develop your business. This is not a one size fits all training.  Together we will work on what works for you ~ creating what you want your business to look like.

Are you interested in only seeing clients? Or only teaching? Or working with a specific population? Do you want to focus on hospice? Or children? Or people with pain? Or animals? There are so many things you can use Reiki for and ways to incorporate it into your life and practice.

The zoom calls will be recorded in case you miss one. However, when you sign up, you will be committing to be part of the group for the entire series. Traveling together on this journey cannot really be done as an occasional time of attendance. The circle is always divinely ordered, are you feeling like you would like to be part of this? The more you engage, the more you will get out of the class.

This is a wonderful way to expand your abilities and enhance your confidence.  Level 2 is the only Prerequisite, as we will be discussing the symbols.

There will be 2 levels of membership.

Mentor Follow Up Training
6 Month Subscription*
90-minute Zoom calls
$50 monthly
90-minute Zoom calls
60-minute 1-1 coaching call

$150 monthly

*Your PayPal account will be billed monthly for the recurring charge

Both will require a 6 month minimum commitment. After the initial training, if the group would like to continue there will be a potential for further training.