Mike grew up on a homestead in Alaska.

If you haven’t been to Alaska, the short description is everything is remote. Mike took a dogsled to school. As a young adult he learned to fly a small airplane to be able to get around and spend more time in nature.

Mike was Chellie’s first Reiki client. Old back injuries (6 surgeries!) made him the perfect person to practice on. While he was skeptical at first, he soon grew to appreciate the gift of Reiki. After Chellie became a Reiki Master, Mike was her first student for each level of Reiki training.

After several years and other trainings, Mike has developed his own type of Reiki Journey session. His background along with Reiki and his shamanic training created the perfect combination to help his clients with all sorts of issues. If It’s time for you to make a change, call and schedule an appointment today.