Coffee with the Kammermeyers ~ A Conversation about Reiki

We are adding calls to our schedule during this coronavirus 19 outbreak is going on. Please join us  on the last Friday morning of the month at 10am PST. We are committed to helping you deal with this situation in a way that when it’s over, we can all look back and say, “We came together & we are better for it!”

Please join us when we use the Zoom Live Recording platform for a FREE CALL to discuss your Reiki questions. Mike and Chellie grab a cup of coffee and sit down with you to have a conversation, not polished or scripted, just a conversation about Reiki. It will be just like most mornings at the Kammermeyer household.

Each call we have a specific topic to discuss, however, there’s a fairly good chance we will go off topic and talk about other Reiki things.

Sign up here and we will send you a link to get on the call. If you can’t be with us, we send out the recording of the call the next day. You can either send questions ahead or ask while we are on live.

Join us! It’s fun! Typically Friday mornings @ 10 AM (PST).