Sekhem Seikim Reiki

In 1979 Patrick Ziegler found a way to hide and stay in a pyramid all night, During the night, he had a metaphysical experience where he saw a bright blue light and felt an enormous healing. After the experience he spent time with several people, developing ways to use the energy. The energy comes from the ancient times of Egypt. The symbols are a combination of Reiki symbols and symbols that have been channeled by several people who have worked with the energy.

The attunement method is very different from Holy Fire III.

SSR is a combination of 3 different, yet complementary types of energy which creates a healing matrix. The three different energies create a unique way to balance and harmonize a person’s body, including the non-physical bodies. Many people report finding their soul purpose after this class.

This 3 Day Master class is for students who have taken the Master Level of Usui or Holy Fire Reiki.

Danville, CA  

Online from Danville, CA

September 10 – 12, 2021
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Please note: this class is not part of the ICRT curriculum and does not qualify for Continuing Education Credits.