Reiki Journey session with Mike

Cost: $225 

First, and foremost, I’m doing Reiki the entire time we are in session. That creates a safe and sacred space for your healing. The journey itself is a meditation that we go on together. It starts with a guided meditation that helps you get into a receptive state. Then depending on your question or my intuition, I will ask one of your spiritual guides to lead us where we can get answers. Sometimes, it’s a journey to the past, where you talk to an ancestor to find out the source of an issue that has been in your family for generations. It may be to go to a past life to find out what fears have come with you to this lifetime ~ and more importantly, why. What is the learning and how do you release any old stuff that is no longer necessary in this lifetime.

Sometimes, we have an opportunity to go to the future to see what options there are for you. And how issues which are currently bothering you, can be released helping you to move forward with grace and ease. When you can see a healthy future, it’s easier to create it for yourself.

So, how does this work?  Simple, I lead you into a relaxed state and then guide you to a place to begin the work.  You are usually at home, lying down, and together we can go to the original cause of an issue and release the emotional charge on the debris that prevents you from accessing your own inner wisdom.  During your session, I will be doing distant Reiki to hold you in a safe relaxed state.  Often people are able to release old traumas in just one session.  Sometimes, you need more than one session, because the root cause of an issue has more than one layer.  But always, after even the first session, you feel lighter and more balanced.

If you are ready to move forward, schedule an appointment today. These sessions can be done in person or via a telephone call. Typically, we need about 2 hours for a Reiki-Journey. Please call with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Here’s what some of Mike’s clients have said after a session…

I did not know what to expect from my soul journey, nor did I have an intention on what I wanted to heal. I was open. My journey with Mike helped me realize the fear of the future was causing me anxiety and pain and was keeping me stuck. I was able to see that fear with Mike’s help and also see that what I was fearing was an illusion. I released the fear and it was replaced with faith in myself and my future. I felt love and gratitude for my family, for my guides and for my life. I felt so much peace where there was once anxiety and fear. It was a wonderful experience!!! K.


The Journey gave me a clear experience of competence in an important life skill, which gave me confidence in a recent change I’ve made in life direction. E.


I was able to connect with my grandpa, who I absolutely adored even though I only have a couple memories of him, and confirmed that he’s always with me. My hands have always been cold so during the soul journey, I had asked grandpa to make them warm so that it’s obvious he’s around and they have rarely been cold since. This gives me an immense amount of comfort knowing grandpa is always looking over me. T.