Reiki Journey session with Mike

Cost: $225 

As with everything we do, Reiki is the basis for a Reiki Journey with Mike.  These sessions are done over the telephone, so that you have the comfort of being in your own space after the session.  A Reiki Journey is a guided therapeutic meditation to lead you to the source of your inner blocks.  If you have issues with weight loss, grief, abundance, relationships ~ a Reiki Journey is for you.  Maybe you have a fear of the future or an inability to release old programming from the past, then a Reiki Journey could be exactly what works for you.

So, how does this work?  Simple, Mike leads you into a relaxed state and then he guides you to a place to begin the work.  You are at home, usually lying down, and together you can go to the original cause of an issue and release the emotional charge on the debris that prevents you from accessing your own inner wisdom.  During your session, he is doing distant Reiki to hold you in a safe relaxed state.  Often people are able to release old traumas in just one session.  Sometimes, you need more than one session, because the root cause of an issue has more than one layer.  But always, after even the first session, you feel lighter and more balanced.

If you are ready to move forward, schedule an appointment today.