Chakra 101 ~ Online class

This class is designed to help you know yourself. If you are interested in Chakras for self care or to add to your Reiki information this will answer those questions.  First we talk about where chakras are in our body and how they impact us, then we do exercises to see which of your chakras are affected by life (we all have occasional chakra issues!). Then you will learn how to use pendulums for answering questions to life situations. This is the class I wish I had when I was first learning about energy.

Do you have questions about any of these areas? From the bottom up…

  • Root Chakra ~ Safety, Security
  • Sacral Chakra ~ Creativity
  • Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Self Confidence
  • Heart Chakra ~ Love: the ability to give and receive
  • Throat Chakra ~ Ability to speak your truth
  • Third Eye Chakra ~ Intuition
  • Crown Chakra ~ Connection to spirit

Online Zoom Class  

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