Summer Day Camp 2024

We love living in Lincoln City! Especially the summer months! When the rest of the country is so miserably hot, Lincoln City averages about 70 degrees. And despite what you have read, it’s usually sunny!

I have been working on the Kid Reiki™ training for almost 3 years, with my co-authors, April and Cami. One of the things I have realized is I have this ongoing list in my head of work related things to do. I keep thinking, we can go to the beach tomorrow. Or the boat will be here tomorrow, I should get this done now and go later. And I tend to put off the fun. It might be just me, but if you have that same thing going on with you, I have just the thing for you.

Join us for Summer Day Camp for Grownups and their inner child!
Here are the things I have come up with on the itinerary …


  • Boat rides in our pontoon boat (like sitting in the living room, but out on the lake!)
  • Beach walks & sand castle building (7 miles of shoreline in Lincoln City)
  • Glass blowing class, and a glass float to take home
  • Crystal shopping with a gift certificate
  • Grid making with the new hand selected crystals to remind you at home to have fun.
  • Kite flying, with your own kite
  • Art project taught by a professional artist (not me!)
  • Whale watching from the pier & whale watching center
  • Time for yourself to join us or not!
  • In Person Group Reiki Journey with Mike
  • Bon fires and s’mores (assuming they don’t shut down the local fires)
  • Crystal bowl sound healings
  • Drumming by the bonfire or at the beach
  • Meditations
  • Reiki room set up to use if you like
  • Take home swag
  • Other things as they come up


NOT Included

Lodging. There are several hotels and short term rentals available.  If you want we can put you in touch with each other to rent a bigger space. (VRBO, Vacasa, Meredith Lodging)

Meals. First of all no one wants me to cook. Seriously.

And everyone has food restrictions and preferences. To keep costs down we are not including meals. Bring a sack lunch for daytime. We are planning to make reservations for dinner and it will be your choice to join us or not. Of course, we would love to have you come with us, but I’ll get you the menus in advance so you can make an informed choice.

There are no prerequisites for the Day Camp except the willingness to have a good time!

Note: This is intended to be fun. We will have to go with the flow. Sometimes, things don’t work out exactly as I have planned (like everything in life). I want to spend time with a few people who want to have fun doing the things I love to do. I can’t promise it will be sunny or there will be enough wind for our kites… If you consider yourself to be high maintenance , please don’t register. Our intention is to show you around, provide opportunities and be the most laid back hosts you have ever hung out with.

Also, this is not a women’s only retreat. If you want to bring your spouse or best friend, please do! Mike would love it if he wasn’t the only guy! And this is for grown ups, I love all the kids, but this is time for you!

Arrival time July 21st mid afternoon. – July 25th Thursday after lunch…This leaves you time to explore the area more or get home and be relaxed before your next work week begins.

We are keeping this a really small intimate group, so sign up now is you would like to attend. Deposits are non-refundable so that we can reserve our space at several places.

Camp fee $999. Pay the full amount or choose the 3 payment option where you’ll be charged $375 initially and 2 more payments of $312 will be processed, a month, and 2 months after your initial payment. Please note that the 3 Payment Option will close on May 1st.

Summer Day Camp, 2024
Full Payment
3 Payment Option*
$375 deposit plus 2 x $312

*Please note, this option is only available until May 1, 2024.