Join us for an evening of class, community and dinner.

Just for today…
Do not be angry.
Do not worry.
Be filled with Gratitude.
Devote yourself to your work.
And be kind to people.

These are the Reiki Principles (otherwise known as the Reiki ideals). It would be nice if it was easy, but these take time and dedication. This is the foundation for Reiki and for the new mentor class that Mike & I have developed.

This will be a 6-month class, each one devoted to one of the lines of the Principles. I provide dinner so that we can spend time connecting and sharing. I strongly believe eating together helps build community. Then we will spend time discussing the month’s topic, and then practice Reiki on each other.

We will be hold these classes at our home, and our dining room holds no more than 6 additional people, so it will be a small intimate group.

The cost for the class is $100 per month, and when you sign up, you will be committing to be part of the group for the entire series. Traveling together on this journey cannot really be done as an occasional time of attendance. The circle is always divinely ordered, are you feeling like you would like to be part of this? Please contact me to discuss this further.

This is a wonderful way to expand your abilities and enhance your confidence.  Level 2 is the only Prerequisite, as we will be discussing the symbols use with each of these lines.