ART / Master Class 2018

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We are excited to be offering

Usui/Holy Fire® II ART/Master Reiki Class

About the class…

The ART/Master class is an advanced course in Reiki. The ART portion is the Advanced Reiki Techniques and the Master portion allows you to teach Reiki after you complete the class. Many people attend this class so that they are able to teach. Even more take the class to advance their own learning and to receive even higher levels of Reiki energy.

The thought that once you take the Master Class you are done learning is a myth. The meaning of the “master” title is actually the Teacher. It allows you to teach others Reiki and at the same time, it is a life long learning process. I feel like you can never know all there is to know about Reiki. I’m still learning after 15+ years.

Our business mission statement in part is

“….We want to have a healer in every family. To achieve this we intend to teach the teachers…”

Consider joining us at 1440 Multiversity to continue your lifetime learning. It will be amazing!

Look at the ART/Master Class page for details of what we will be teaching.


1440 Multiversity is a magical location. There is nowhere else like it. We taught there last year and it was a dream come true!!! I absolutely love teaching there!!!!

The name 1440 comes from the idea we are all given 1440 minutes in a day & we need to appreciate and use them wisely. With this in mind, the founders repurposed Bethany College in the redwoods above Santa Cruz.

The classes are held in beautiful classrooms and/or outside. It is a total immersion experience.

With a multitude of types of rooms varying from a pod to a suite, all stays include delicious meals at “The Farm Table”. When you aren’t in class you have the options of going on a hike in the redwoods, swimming in the infinity pool, taking a complimentary class (Tai Chi, yoga, others depending on week) or adding a massage or other spa treatment to your visit.

We feel so honored to be invited to teach there. They have many interesting classes and if the Advanced Reiki Techniques/Master Class is calling to you, we invite you to join us in the unbelievable location.

The tuition for the class is the same as if you took it from us in Danville. An investment of $1025. In addition, you pay for your room at 1440. The variety in styles of rooms makes it affordable for everyone. The price for your room includes your meals and many other amenities. I truly believe this environment is conducive to learning. You have the ability to spend time with yourself, with nature, and if you choose, with your fellow classmates.

Contact us for more information if you have questions or sign up at the 1440 site where you’ll find all the details.