Happening this week with us!

We like to plan in advance and we are also spontaneous! All of our Reiki classes are listed on the pages about the specific type of class. Occasionally, we like to toss in a Journey or Reiki Share or… who knows what we might think of.

This week’s events…


Coffee with the Kammermeyers on  Friday morning (usually the last one of the month) at 10am PST. 

(Occasionally we switch to Thursdays, so sign up for the  link!).

The next scheduled Coffee is April 28th. Please join us!



Also, please join our Reiki Text Group!  

Imagine the power of 125+ people sending Reiki!

To join & send Reiki too, text the word Reiki to 925) 255-0795

To request Reiki, please send the first name and the city where they are located to Chellie’s cell, 510-499-4332.

The requests go out about twice a week, however, the minute you send the request, the name that is sent to us, goes in our Reiki grid.

This is an act of love from us to you! No charge at all!  Big hugs!